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Long time ago, at New Britain year 1843 young man Frederick T. Stanley found a small door hardware factory. Thanks to his resourcefulness and progressive point of view he was the first person, who bring steam machine to New Britain for hand tools producing, and in year 1845 he also was first one who apply in his factories cold rolling method. Such way began incredible history of Stanley company.

At present moment product line of Stanley so huge – from bags and boxes for tools to putty knives, bits, paint rollers, knives. And company do not stop at it’s achievements, constantly expanding selling market and getting first positions at numerous countries, providing high quality products and service with wide assortment.

 “Romana Mobil” – reliable partner.

In Ukraine official distributor of building tools and laser measurement tools of factory Stanley is company “Romana Mobil”. “Romana Mobil” exist at the market of hand automobile tools more than 17 years, providing professional consultation of specialists, guarantee high quality of tools with flexible price politic. All these helped “Romana Mobil” to be reliable partner to many world famous companies.

 Last developments

Nowadays company offer unique series of hammers with handle GRAFITE. Maximal hardness of handle, patented fixation method of head for save working and unique system of absorbing vibration by handle – all these innovations make these hammers trustworthy partner in building matters.

 Need to pay customer’s attention to new development of Stanley engineers – hammer for roofing works with claw , that give possibility to drive in nails by one hand due to magnet at upper side of hammer and cavity for nail.

Laser equipment news

All around the world big popularity of measurement equipment thanks to simple using and low cost of it. “Romana Mobil” company offer big verity of such equipment and offer customers new developments constantly.

At April 2006, company presented optical level for geodesic works Stanley AL24 DVP with 24 times zoom, 90m working range, accuracy ±1,6 mm at 45m distance ( set include level, tripod and rod )

Also in product line: ultra-sonic measure of distance and value with laser pointer, stud finder and laser level, twin areas laser levels CL2, CL90, laser level AL24GVP (auto horizon) and a lot of more other tools.


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