Gel gel battery GE100h

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Brand: Techfine
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8 300.00 грн.
Product Characteristics:

  1. Wide operating temperature range, good activity at low temperature

  2. Low self -discharge speed

  3. Compact design, shorter internal connectors between cells, thus low internal resistance

  4. Using AgM separator, lower resistance increases the installation pressure to increase the life of deep cycle

  5. 5. Battery Corps with high -strength ABS

    6. Long life: 10 years (& gt; 28h)

    7.The long of the discharge


    1. Solar system and wind energy

    2. UPS/EPS

    3. street signs

    4. communication system

    5. Emergency alarm system

    6. marin/boat

    7. Medical System

    8. pumping system

    9. benefits of the GE100h 12V-H 100h battery:
      high thermal stability;
      possibility of deep discharge;
      recovery after deep discharge, even if the battery is discharged within 3 days, the recovery will take place 100%;
      have a large number of battery-battery charge cycles.
      Thanks to the above advantages, gel batteries have a longer life span and are ideal for frequent use.
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Gel gel battery GE100h
8 300.00 грн.