A brick drill 14 mm * 400 mm (STA53185)

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Brand: Stanley
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The drill is a tool that is fixed in the machine or drill cartridge, used to make holes in all kinds of materials. Drills are made of high quality solid steels, which make it possible to use them to work with metals, concrete or stone.
Stanley STA53185 drill is intended for use in drills having shock action, as well as in punchers having clamping cartridge and shock energy up to 2 J. drill. The drill operation. Also, the element is protected from possible breakdown of a carbide plate to copper by the method of high -temperature soldering.
is a milling spiral and a reinforced trunk increase the drilling speed and strengthen its trunk. The model has a diameter of 14 mm and parameters 400x230 mm (working length x total length). It has a cylindrical type of shank.
All modern drills presented in the Ukrainian and world market differ depending on the purpose of the element and are divided into the following categories:
• on metal.
• wood.
• on stone and brick.
• glass and tile.
They differ in shape, sharpening angle and cutting edge. Most drills are highly specialized and cannot be used for other purposes or have a wide range of applications.

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the Stanley Sta53185 drill

unit of measure: pc.

brand: Stanley

Country Manufacturer: CN

Article: STA53185

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UKTZED code: 8207503000
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A brick drill 14 mm * 400 mm (STA53185)
243.63 грн.