Device CE-BC 10 M (1002245)

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  • Intellectual charger with microprocessor controller

  • for batteries up to 200 amperes

  • multi -stage charging cycle, controlled and controlled by a microprocessor

  • Universal charger for batteries of different types, such as gel, AGM, non-serviced batteries, and low charge batteries, lead-acid, etc.

  • Degree: IP65 (dust protection and water splash)

  • Using the charger extends the battery life

  • Optimal solution for seasonally used vehicles with long -term downs (convertes/motorcycles)

  • Recovery mode for charging deeply discharged batteries

  • recharging function

  • Winter Charging Mode for Outdoor Air temperature below 5 ° C

  • LED display: shows battery voltage and charging process

  • Electronic protection against overload, short -circuit and irregular polarity terminals

  • fully isolated terminals and integrated wall bracket

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Einhell CE-BC 10 m charger is a high quality battery charging device in modern cars, the charging process in which the microprocessor controls. The charger has a number of protection functions and does not require maintenance. Particular attention was paid to high charging speed without loading on the battery, designed to extend the battery life with their maximum performance. The detailed charging indicator makes the charger less difficult to operate than conventional devices. The universal Einhell charger is compatible with gel and AGM batteries, as well as with non-serviced batteries, low charge batteries, lead-acid batteries. CE-BC 10 M automatically attaches to charging battery with 12 V, and the microprocessor controller automatically controls and controls a multi-stage charging cycle. A smart electronic charging control system analyzes the status of the branching battery and initiates the required charging steps depending on the battery. The recharging function stores and protects the battery and provides a constant optimal charge. Thus, CE-BC 10 m is also ideal for seasonal vehicles that are not used for a long period of time. Instead of allowing the gradual complete discharge and risk of excessive discharge, the charger supports the battery at the optimum charge level. This extends the battery life and prevents the need to spend a lot of money to replace a defective battery. The car, motorcycle or scooter will be ready for operation at the start of the season. Winter charging mode was designed specifically for the ambient temperatures below 5 ° C. Automated system of protection against reloading, short circuit and reverse polarity prevents damage to the charger and battery. Einhell charger has an IP65 protection and is protected from dust and water splashes. LCD indicator display the battery voltage and the state of charging. Battery and charger charge: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% charge, 12 V battery and charging indication in winter mode. The signal lamp is illuminated immediately if any problems are detected. Battery -wrapped clips are fully insulated. The charger housing has a hole to attach to the wall. The Einhell CE-BC 10 M charger is suitable for charging 12 in batteries with a capacity of up to 200 amperes and a maximum charging current of 10 amps.

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